"I was referred to this company by my mother's pastor since he had some roofing work done to his church. I contacted this company for an estimate and Mitchell came out to see what was wrong with my roof. There were several issues that I had but Mitchell took the time to explain in detail the problems that I had with not only the roof but with the brick layout around the areas of the third story of the building. He even explained what caused the formation on the efflorescence which appeared on a good portion of my bricks. Mitchell also examined both third-floor apartments to see leaks and was able to determine the source of those leaks. After examining the roof Mitchell sent me a proposal of the work which consisted of several projects which focused on Masonry Front / East Façade Repairs, Chimney Dismantalation, and Roof Repairs. Dardon Roofing also considers any budget issues (which wasn't a problem for me) which was a means to give options of having all of the work done together or to choose one particular job done and to have the other jobs done later.
After hiring Dardon Roofing for my roofing job I met Mitchell along with his two sons Carlos and Isaac and the rest of his crew. Mitchell restated and showed me the work that he and his crew would do. I was very pleased with the professionalism that Mitchell, his sons, and his crew had while performing work on my property. The work took over a week and upon completion, I did a walk through of the work done with Carlos who explained each of the repairs done to the roof and etc. I am very pleased with the work done and I look forward to using their services in the future."

Arr E.

Chicago, iL





"my husband is an engineer and is extremely particular. He is never happy with anyone's work but he was happy with these amazing Craftsman. I hardly recognized our house it looks so beautiful when they were done. They worked very very hard and it visibly showed. I can't wait to recommend them to anyone anywhere"

Aleah A.

Chicago, IL



"My insurance agent suggested these guys since they do a lot of restoration work. Had them replace my roof shingles. They did an amazing job, using best products all for a competitive price. They arrived on time every day. Cleaned up spotless each night. Finished the 64 sq roof in 3 days. Used lead flashing on all stacks rather than rubber boots like everyone else. Installed continuous vents on all soffits to provide better ventilation. No other roofer suggested this. These guys are the best."

John S.

New Lenox, IL




“Thank you! Your work and style are world class. I referred you to some good friends yesterday.”

Chris B.

Chicago, IL